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High End Paper Box, Cosmetic Packaging

To be a Green Packaging Manufactures, we use can provide Special Effects Printing / Finishing on Boxes with good quality. Company Name’s vision is to be the market leader in manufacturer of high quality Cosmetics & Perfumes Boxes in this region by utilizing the latest machinery and technology to produce biodegradable, attractive and environmentally friendly products.
Cosmetics & Perfumes boxes

Cosmetic Box-013

High End Classic Square Color Cosmetic Coated Paper Box

All-Done-In-House production procedures.

Best cost-efficient way to get impressions on your custom packaging boxes:

  • Special finishing, such as textures, patterns, glitters, frosted, sand varnish, soft touch...etc..

  • Logical Light Emboss / Micro Emboss. Fine and delicate embossing process on metallic, mylar paperboard.

  • Lenticular Printing and 3D Holograms. Partial appearance on boxes is also available.
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