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Lenticular Packaging Box

Cosmetics & Perfumes boxes(Promotional New Design CMYK Lenticular Packaging Box)

Cosmetic Box-007

Promotional New Design CMYK Lenticular Packaging Box

All-Done-In-House production procedures.

Best cost-efficient way to get impressions on your custom packaging boxes:

  • Special finishing, such as lenticular, texture, glitter... etc.

  • Logical Light Emboss / Micro Emboss. Fine and delicate embossing process on metallic, mylar paperboard.

  • Lenticular Printing and 3D Holograms. Partial appearance on boxes is also available.
Features :

There is no better way to set your product apart on the store shelf than with lenticular printing.
This way is not only grab your customer's attention, but it also can prevent your packaging be counterfeited.

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