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About Us

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Ever since its establishment in 1970, Homer Color Printing has become one of the leading printers and specialized in designing and manufacturing cardboard folding boxes, PET/PP folding boxes, gift set boxes, labels and luxury bags for around 4.5 decades . Its dedication and profession in secondary packaging industry are recognized by many top renowned brands worldwide. With its All-Done-In-House production procedures, Homer provides international packaging buyers and designers with an One-Stop solution which saves enormous time and efforts on their needs.

Our Computerized Color Management system takes the company's expertise into perfection and precision in all packaging details. Homer is also known as an active innovator in various Silk-Screen Printing techniques with"Glitters", "Textures","Patterns" and "3D"… effects. We are waiting for more challenges of any kind of packaging solutions you might need. Contact us now and start to learn a pleasant experience with us!


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