Innovation(fascinating, anti-counterfeiting and unique)

Pre-press --- From ideas to applications. Our skillful R&D engineers can offer you the biggest supports in packaging designs and solutions.

Press --- Using state-of-the-art equipments to ensure the precision in both Pantone and CMYK colors. Some special inks are also available, such as Night Glow Ink(Special printing effect in darkness), Fragrance Microcapsulated Ink(Also known as Microencapsulated Scented Ink, in a wide variety of fragrances, such as Foods, Fruits & Vegetables, Flowers, Nature Spices…etc.), Thermochromic Ink(Color changes reversibly with temperature), Photochromic Ink(Color changes when exposed to sunlight/UV and reverts to its original color when sunlight is dimmed/ blocked).

Post-press --- Adding extra value on your packaging boxes by using custom textures, patterns, glitters, ice crystals, 3D effects, …etc.. Also, adopting sculpture plates / engravure dies for hot stamping / embossing / debossing, as well as logical light embossing… etc. which enhances emotional aspects of the brand.